Reserved for E only****c1920s Arts and Crafts silver foliate bracelet with honey citrines attr Edith Linnell


A gorgeous hearts infused c1920s Arts and Crafts silver citrine bracelet-Linnell and Instone

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A really unusual late 1920s Arts and Crafts hand-crafted bracelet, which underlines beautifully the blur of lines of attribution between Bernard Instone and Edith Linnell. Both Birmingham, both creating at the same time and both using very similar foliate designs. For me, this is more Linnell, as the leaves (although hand-tooled and draped similar to Bernard’s designs) are broader and more rounded at the end.  There are also little clusters of berries along the top of the form, which is sot so typical of Bernard’s design in this genre. The overall oval, ergonomically curved structure of the main plaque also shows that naturalistic Linnell motif, of an organic branch that has been snapped off (see bottom right of main plaque).

Bernard was known to make items for Linnell in his Langstone Silverworks too, so the overlap becomes greater again. This piece is all hand made-not machined and looks like it could even be a one-off design, perhaps even a trial design. Certainly all of the processes from its making are visible, which is lovely when looking at the verso. The double foliate figure-of-eight panels in the rest of the bracelet’s links, show the smaller leaves seen in other Linnell pieces.

There are three fabulously-cut heart-shaped citrines in the design as well as another round faceted citrines among the leaves. There has been much consideration in the creation of this bracelet and, as mentioned, the main plaque is rounded so that it hugs the contours of your wrist well. A fabulous bracelet when worn, as you can see. It is stamped “SILVER” on the main plaque. In super condition – stones are all clean and in excellent order. There has been a replacement catch perhaps at some point. The main plaque section measures approx 5.7cm wide by approx 2.5cm. The length of the bracelet is approx 19cm (7.5 inches).

I shall send this lovely bracelet by Special Delivery within the UK and by UPS internationally. Thank you.