c1925 old cut diamonds Arts and Crafts hand crafted brooch with carved stones and silver flowers


Draped, organic branches and flower heads with beautifully cut diamonds

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An exquisite diamonds Arts and Crafts brooch of lovely quality c1925. This delightful, probably bespoke brooch is such a rarity to find, having five old-rose cut diamonds studded as the centre of the flowers in the decoration. The central one is larger than the others and sits alone in its rub over setting like a large berry at the top of the arrangement.

This is such an amazing piece which really has so many wonderful touches and intricate details. The diamonds are set as the centre of small flowers (very Gaskinesque in style) with an arrangement of elongated hand-tooled leaves around each flower. The flower stalks are sinuous and organic in their shapes and the decoration is punctuated with tendrils with little balls on the end.

The lovely green to black carved stone (jade?/ hardstone?) is carved with flowers, in keeping with the transition generally to the Art Deco period and its fascination with oriental influences. There had been a tiny edge missing to one end, however, Hatton Garden, London jewellers have repaired it as well as can be expected. Of course you can see the fix under a loupe but with the naked eye, it, at least, looks intact once again so continues its life as a beautiful jewel.

If you look at the reverse you can see the typical silver coil finishing, which gives the verso a clean and finished appearance. It retains its original rollover safety clasp. There are no marks on the piece, again, this is typical.
The brooch measures approx 5.2cm wide and approx 1.8cm in height.