Late Victorian opulent gilt metal and citrines impressive earrings chandelier-style


Bright, sparkly, beautiful citrines in these statuesque Victorian gilt metal earrings

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These are wonderful, statement authentic Victorian earrings in a gilt metal with the most wonderful faceted citrines-8 in total in each earring. There is fabulous articulation in this opulent earrings, as the structure is in three sections, affording a lot of swing and movement as you wear them. To be honest, I can’t remember ever seeing such a statement pair of Victorian earrings with stones as large as this before-so I am sure they will be snapped up.

I have seen a similar design in a Victorian necklace I once owned but to find earrings is always a bit more special. To find a matching par of such age is really rather a rarity. As is the fact that all stones are original and are clean, without damage. Each stone sits in their opulent crown-like settings with impressively long and pointed claws. The central design is formed by a filigree metal that is a slightly different colour to the other gilt sections. I am not sure whether it was originally gilded at the front or whether it is a different metal used for strength, as the earrings are large. I would leave them as is, as the patina will build up nicely over the coming years. They are not too heavy to wear, however, and they have been fitted conveniently with silver gilt wires so that they are comfortable to wear. They are sparkling and joyful things which really do illustrate well the uplifting feeling you get from yellow stones-such “sunny” things.

Each earring measures approx 5.6cm in height from the top stone to the base of the bottom stone and approx 2.7cm wide.  Statement pieces, which will get noticed. I will send in a new gift box and by complimentary tracked and signed post. Thank you.