c1910 Viennese Seccession medal / pendant on Victorian trombone link silver chain


Fabulous c1910 Viennese SECCESSIONIST medal / pendant on a lovely older Victorian chain

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A really attractive pairing of a rare Seccession medal / pendant from the c1910 era in Vienna and engraved with an insciption on the verso for 1912. It has a striking and rare image of a lady wearing a helmet and most likely a shield and a spear. The background is decorated with beautiful leaves and berries, reminding me very much of the decoration on the Seccession building in Vienna.

Translated into English, you can see the medal / pendant was for the Danubia Ladies’ swimming team. (Vienna)

It is paired with a fabulous Victorian c1895 trombone links and knots design choker. It fits at your throat in a choker style with the drop allowing the pendant to sit in a lovely spot high on your chest. It has two dog clips to fasten. Lovely!

No marks on the pendant so I am assuming it is silver plated – but still a rarity, especially with the very attractive Seccession design. The Victorian chain is stamped on each dog clip and on every single link with UK Victorian hallmarks. It measures approx 37.5cm (14.75 inches) and the length of the pendant and loop drop is approx 7cm.