Mary Thew Arts and Crafts silver and gold brooch with leaves, balls and mother of pearl


Rare Mary Thew brooch constructed in both silver and gold with Thew’s typical leaves, stalks and berries.

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A beautiful piece of work by Glasgow School jewellery designer and maker, Mary Thew, c1910. It is rather unusual in that it is constructed with all details in gold, not just silver gilt. The typical Thew organic and sinuous stalks, leaves and clusters of berries. Even the top of the silver bar is decorated on both sides by a line of tiny gold balls.

A gorgeous thing which does have a small split in the bezel setting at the top. Purely a constructional defect I believe, rather than damage that has happened to it. The mother of pearl / blister pearl is absolutely secure. It just doesn’t seem sensible to have this repaired as the repair would most likely be obvious and I actually prefer to see the original work, even if a defect is present.

The shine on the gold on the leaves, plays beautifully against the lovely flash of colours on the blister pearl. To have a Thew brooch with gold decoration is a lovely find too.

It measures approx 6cm in length. I shall send in a gift box to protect her in transit. The box in the images is for display only. Thank you!