Amsterdam School c1930 Arts and Crafts wonderful, dagger signed hammered silver and chrysoprase brooch


Tactile hammered silver with patina and contrasting green stone, dagger signed on front

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So hard to come by these wonderful, hand crafted Amsterdam School pieces now- especially with the dagger stamp on the front, as you would hope to find. This example is lovely and dates from c1930. The Amsterdam School in Holland integrated expressionist influences in their Art Deco work and by this combining of aesthetics, came up with their very own twist on Art Deco design. This is seen especially in the examples of jewellery you will see from the era.

This brooch is so beautiful, with its hammered silver form and that lovely patina, which merely enhances each strike of the hammer. The overall shape of the brooch is unusual too and so are the inspired “folds” in the silver, which give it a sort of fluted appearance.

Another reason for this brooch standing out, is the fact that a green stone, chrysoprase, was used and not the usual coral. It is much rarer to find pieces with green stones in this genre.

The brooch measures approx 4.9cm wide and is all original. As mentioned, it has a clear dagger stamp on the fromt and there is also a tiny maker’s mark on the C clasp, which I have attempted to photograph. I know we all want it to indicate Fons Reggers but it is just too small to discern.
There is patina, as you can see but I will leave it for you to decide upon.