Amy Sandheim 1920s fabulous Arts and Crafts necklace in silver with domed chalcedony and moonstone


A striking necklace, which makes a bold statement from Amy Sandheim, c1925

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A wonderfully striking Arts and Crafts pendant necklace, c1925 by Amy Sandheim. The colours of these stones look amazing together, with the grey to silver of the moonstones and the oranges of the carnelians. Just spectacular!

The open work silver frame of the main pendant section is in a sort of Maltese cross shape, with a lot of intricate detailing in the silver, of an organic design. It has a juicy, domed carnelian in the centre, with smaller carnelian cabs at the four main compass points. Moonstones are set between each. A carnelian drop is set at the bottom. This main section is suspended with double chains from a domed chalcedony.

A lovely piece with original silver chain, culminating in a hand crafted clasp and toggle. There is patina, which I was in two minds about cleaning, however, I thought it contrasted well with the colours of the stones.

A few little fixes over the years, such as a moonstone replacement, top right and the loop top right on main section looks as if it was fixed back on with silver, done well though. If you polished the necklace would be even less visible and it's not really noticeable as it is.

A large, statement piece -the drop from the top chalcedony is approx 9.4cm and the length of the chain is approx 62cm (24.5 inches).

I will send in a necklace box, but not the one in the images, as it is for display purposes only. Thank you.