c1905 wonderful Birmingham School (Linnell?) Arts and Crafts necklace of superior form and design


A superlative piece of Arts and Crafts work, c1905 Birmingham School – possibly Edith Linnell

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When I first received this sensational hand wrought necklace, I could not move away from a Gaskins’ attribution, as both the design and execution are so remarkably precise and fine. Clearly if not the Gaskins (and this design does not exactly fit other examples of theirs I have studied closely), then this was a star pupil at the Vittoria Street School in Birmingham. My best guess is that it is an early piece by Edith Linnell. Her hand-tooled, four petalled flowers dotted with a ball in the centre were used later in her jewellery too. There are also the four compass points of silver balls on the blister pearls’ settings and that was another feature that stayed in her work. The superior “Gaskins’ standard” execution is just as evident on the reverse. This is undeniably an elevated piece of work.

The beauty of this piece lies in the fact that a simple, elegant colour palette has allowed the design to speak unencumbered by showy stones. We have small blister pearls in their own rub-over settings, light spinach green chalcedonies, a central moonstone and a moonstone drop, the latter of which has a lovely blue hue when moved around. The overall arched open work structure and the layout are just sumptuous. Single balls of silver are dotted in the design, as are the clusters of three balls. If you notice on the reverse, there are even clusters of three silver balls towards the centre of the design. An immaculate concept of design, which has been matched by the superlative execution….a joy to hold and to wear!

In beautiful, all original condition, retaining her original chains and hand crafted toggle clasp. The pendant section measures approx 5.2cm in height and the chain measures approx 44cm ( a touch over 17 inches).

I will send in a new gift box as the boxes in the images are for demonstration only. Tracked and signed postage is included.