Art Deco 18ct gold, aquamarine and diamonds tank ring-sensational piece


This screams the Art Deco and 1930s / 1940s Tank ring era- a beauty of a ring!

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What an astoundingly gorgeous ring! I literally struggle to take it off my finger, as it looks so beautiful. Often called an Art Deco (or 1940s) Tank ring, this wide band and opulent design was all the rage for those with cash during the 1930s and 1940s era. Of course, it was a status symbol but also a good way of being able to transport your wealth easily, if you had to move around (one of the consequences of the war and post-war era).

This ring dates from the 1940s and tests as 18ct gold. It features a large emerald-cut natural aquamarine stone (tested), which has a couple of natural inclusions if you scrutinise with the loupe. It is that wonderful pale blue colour that we associate with aquamarines. It has been individually bezel set by hand and measures as at least 3 carats. To either side, the aquamarine is flanked by two super sparkly round cut diamonds. They are a good colour and throw the light around with their easy sparkle. Each diamond is claw-set within its own individual squared setting.

It is a beautiful design, with symmetry and reminds me of a bow design, as you wear it. A large ring, yes but not too clumsy…a perfect special occasion ring that can spark conversations about the Art Deco era. A beauty!

There has been some historic reinforcing of the wide gold band at the bottom curve, so there is a layer of extra gold on the inside of the ring on the curve. Most likely done just to strengthen the piece even more. This has also taken out any marks that may have been there, although, with the loupe I can see the jewellers original number for the ring, etched minutely in hand writing on each under side of the band as it meets the face of the ring. That is nice to find. A teeny minute little scratch /nibble out of the aquamarine on one of the long emerald-cut facets. Part of its history and definitely is not noticeable unless scrutinised. Weight-over 7g. A beautiful, glamorous and special ring to wear-you will not be disappointed!

UK size S (approx US size 9).

I will send in any box I can find wide enough to accommodate the band πŸ™‚ as it is larger than most jewellery boxes could cope with. I will send by Special Delivery within the UK or else by courier internationally. Thank you.

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