Astonishing c1900 Guild of Handicraft attr Arts and Crafts pendant, gold, silver, rubies, emeralds and pearls


A museum quality piece of c1900 English Arts and Crafts history, attr Guild of Handicraft

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A truly magnificent, unique, hand-crafted piece of art from the c1900 era and attributed to the Guild of Handicraft. Firstly, before describing this amazing piece,I would like to say that I am prepared to sell the pendant with or without its original 15ct gold, c1900 chain shown in the images. It is a heavyish chain and is approx 55cm (21.5 inches long). It weighs 8.8g. These antique 15ct chains usually sell for at least £600-700, so it could be you wish to purchase the pendant alone and to use it with an existing gold chain in your possession. The pendant would be £1895 alone, or else with her substantial 15ct chain, £2295.

This is a serious work of art from the c1900 Arts and crafts era. A superlative example of its type, all hand-crafted and clearly by the best of designers/ craftspeople. Several key features are in common with other Guild of Handicraft pieces I have come across so I lay the attribution there.

A large pendant in an open work design of silver, with draped and twisted stalks and leaves throughout the main oval framework of the main section, and also at the top of the smaller drop section. Small silver berries are dotted around the leaves’ design. Every time I look at it, I see different shadows and images and at times, it even looks like it has been carved into those images, however, it is not the case. A large and wonderfully interesting navette-shaped blister pearl sits at the centre of the design. It is set in its own frilled / scalloped closed-back setting. This main pearl is referenced with the use of a small, round blister pearl in the drop-this time in a mille grain toothed setting.

Eight precious gem stones are set in gold, around the edge of the large pearl. Emeralds appear at the N and S cardinal points and three rubies are set in gold to either side between the two emeralds. All stones have been tested and confirmed. On each side, you will notice an elaborate chased, gold flower head, which is in solid gold rather then merely gilded. The matching, large solid gold bale again, elevates the status of this piece and matches the antique gold chain beautifully. The mix of silver and gold is exquisite, as is the overall design. If you consider the verso, the hours of expert work and hands are immediate to see. A wonderfully important piece of English A&C work.

The pendant measures approx 8cm in height by approx 4cm wide, hence, it is rather a statement piece-of museum quality, in my opinion. During my research, I found that this exact necklace had been sold by the fabulous Tadema Gallery in London in her past. This, again, speaks of her heritage.

I shall send in a new gift box to protect her well, and by Special Delivery within the UK or else by courier internationally. Thank you. Any questions -please get in touch.