c1930 Fluorite beads necklace, all smoothly polished and a wealth of colours from green to purple


Just adore this sensational fluorite necklace, greens, purples and I even spotted blue! Brilliant stones for connecting heart and mind!

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A gorgeous c1930s beaded necklace with the most sumptuous smooth and glossy fluorite beads, ranging in colours from clear, to green, to purple, to pink, to blue. What an absolute gem of a piece!

The necklace has its silver catch in super working order. The stones are all approximately the same size but as you can see, the characteristics of this beautiful stone are really showcased here.

My focus is on the healing properties of certain stones and this fluorite has both green (heart chakra) and purple (crown chakra) colours in it, which means it is a balancing stone to connect your heart and your higher self….a lovely balance of heart and mind.
These stones, like other gems, when worn next to your skin are purported to have many benefits and I also love the way these stones warm to your body temperature, which means that when you take off this necklace and hold it in your hand…it seems you are one with it- so warm.

It’s a beauty-measuring approx 46cm (18 inches).