Fabulous c1900 Arts and Crafts necklace hand crafted in silver with blue enamel and Ceylon moonstones


A sumptuous design in blues and such a wearable size with blue enamels and Ceylon blue moonstones, c1900

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A striking necklace from the Arts and Crafts movement c1900, which is more diminutive and elegant in size than some of the larger clunkier pieces. Beautifully designed and hand-crafted by an expert pair of hands, it sings the qualities of an excellent piece of Arts and Crafts jewellery. The Ceylon moonstones shimmer blue when the necklace moves and the eye-catching cobalt blue enamel roundels just seem to enhance the whole blue theme. A beautiful thing indeed! I love the blue enamelling to the verso of the roundels too; such careful attention to the smallest of details. The silversmith has lightly etched lots of words (names?) into the verso in his/her own handwriting. If you have the time you could try to ascertain what the words are. I suspect perhaps the name of the client for whom it was made. I used a loupe but it was still hard to make out words.

Difficult to attribute this piece but as said earlier, an expert pair of hands, as the work is so precise and well-executed. At the centre of the necklace sits a round Ceylon moonstone with high adularescence. It has a halo of mid-blue enamel, which in turn is encircled by a band of silver. Almost like wings to each side, is an intricate panel, with the same mid-blue enamel interspersed by tiny blue balls, running around the periphery of the form. Inside each side plaque sits a delicately-worked motif (could be Celtic?) in silver rope work. Suspended on each end is a small cobalt blue enamel roundel, encircled by silver rope work. This work is very fine and precise. An oval Ceylon moonstone drop is suspended below the central stone and has a lovely shimmer too when moved around.

There is a spacer further up the chain, which links the two chains again and it also has a cobalt blue enamel roundel (slightly larger than the two suspended from the main plaque). It also has its own silver ball drop suspended below. All together, a most pleasing design and the blues are sumptuous. It is a more petite piece so would work well as a wedding necklace or a daytime piece too. The drop section from the top enamel roundel is approx 5.5cm and the wearable length of the chain is approx 42.5cm (16.75 inches). In pleasing condition, there is an extra dot of silver on the collar for the suspended moonstone near the bottom, which looks like it is an original touch to secure the bezel setting further.

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