Rare 1897 Arts and Crafts necklace hand-crafted in silver with Queen Victoria silver medal


A bespoke antique Arts and Crafts necklace with such an important message and main plaque, c1897, England

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What a fabulous rarity! A superb, hand-crafted Arts and Crafts necklace from 1897, designed to display the framed sterling silver medal from the Queen’s Diamond jubilee celebration of the same year. The Diamond Jubilee celebrated her reign from 1837 to 1897. The Arts and Crafts detailing on this rare piece of jewellery fits in beautifully with that date. I have never before seen a piece of Arts and Crafts jewellery containing Queen Victoria’s solid silver medal like this- it is in most probability a unique piece and is also likely to have been a bespoke commission.

Each leaf on each of those side roundels has been created by hand and applied by hand too. It is a typical c1900 Arts and Crafts design with stalks and leaves running around each of the roundels. A fine rope work edging completes the roundels. The medal itself has been excellently mounted in such a precise and neat manner. It, too, is finished with a fine rope work twist silver edging. If you flip over the medal, you see the 1897 Queen Victoria, as opposed to the young Queen we see on the front of the design. In between the main plaque and the roundels on each side is an elongated navette-shaped link, completed with rope work detailing too.

It has its original, antique silver fetter chain and there has been a silver catch replacement at some point…long ago, as it is stamped with the old mark “STERLING”.

In pleasing condition, a wonderfully hand-crafted rarity in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897. It retains some patina, which I have left, especially on the roundels as it adds depth to the beautiful foliate design.

I shall send by complimentary Tracked and Signed post in a new gift box. (Boxes in the images are for display only). Thank you.