Reserved for L *****Suffragette Arts and Crafts festoon necklace c1908, in silver, enamels, amethysts and blister pearl


The absolute statement in Suffragette jewellery c1900- an Arts and Crafts treasure!

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This has to be the most remarkable and fantastically beautiful hand crafted piece of antique Suffragette jewellery I have ever come across. It is a complete WOW of a piece dating from England c1908. It is loaded with statements – all delivered in the purple, green and white colour combination you would expect to find with Suffragette jewellery.

The Suffragette movement adopted the green, violet and white colours for their cause in around 1908 and jewellery was produced to support the “Give Women Votes” movement. Quite often the jewellery was subtle in its messages, with one colour being less obvious than the other two, perhaps. This was a discreet way for ladies to show their support of the cause without being an official member of the movement.

Even the message from the colours was twofold. The main representation for the colours is Purple indicating Dignity, White indicating Purity and Green indicating Hope. I have also seen a direct connection to the letters explained, ie Green for Give, White for Women and Violet for Votes. There is therefore a double message-just in the enamel work alone. Suffragette jewellery often uses amethysts and pearls to underline its message…here we have both amethysts and a central blister pearl.

I am sure the pictures speak for themselves…this is a large and impressive Art Nouveau festoon necklace. The central panel and two spacers are executed in rich, lustrous enamel work in wonderful condition. At first you see the overriding colour is purple and the white is secondary….the green is the subtle colour here. It appears at the top of each of the three panels. I love that when you turn the necklace over-there is a very tongue-in-cheek moment to see the reverse of the panels screaming green loudly. I love it!!! Even the rich enamelling on the reverse is in great condition.

I also love that the large, oval, faceted rich plum amethyst suspended at the centre and the use of round amethyst cabochons to either side. The latter are backed but the main stone is open backed, which helps the light catch it even more.

All original, the crossover chains which are beautiful and the barrel clasp fastener. It is just a treasure of a piece.

The height of the main panel plus amethyst drop is approx 5.2cm. The whole decorated section of the main panel and spacers is approx 14.4cm and the wearable length of the necklace is approx 42cm (just over 16 inches). It makes a remarkable statement and is in pleasing condition.

This beautiful necklace will be sent by International courier for both speed and security. Thank you!