Reserved ***1920s Sibyl Dunlop Arts and Crafts silver foliate amazonite pendant with original silver sautoir chain


Beautiful, more petite Sibyl Arts and Crafts sautoir chain pendant creation, 1920s

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This is a delightful Sibyl Dunlop attributed 1920s Arts and Crafts pendant necklace, of smaller proportions than the later 1930s pieces and it is such a sweet thing. In the same design as an earlier one I sold (that was a larger piece with labradorite) with the lovely silver foliate cap, both sides with the same design so it does not matter if the pendant turns.

Matching amazonite beads are placed at intervals along the long, original sautoir chain so that both sides match. I love that there has been a historic adaptation to this long sautoir, as it is not always easy to wear as long nowadays, or in fact to wrap around your neck . This has a beautifully-placed and fitted barrel clasp and tongue fastener arranged so that the necklace is worn as per photo…as a shorter necklace with a double chain. The tongue is also crafted in 9ct gold, which indicates that this was done by a more select jeweller. This is also evident when you see the care in the fitting position, as the beads really all do match up so beautifully. It is a triumph.

An early design, with the intricate A&C silver chain original to the piece. Amazonite is such a wonderful stone so I am sure someone will enjoy wearing this gorgeous antique Sibyl piece.

In excellent condition, having had a light buff with a cloth (it would polish further if you prefer). In its adjusted double chain state, the smallest length measures approx 44cm (17.5 inches). The pendant drop section measures approx 5cm. As said-a more diminutive Dunlop piece and that is why I think it is earlier 1920s rather than a later piece.

An absolute treasure! I shall post in a new gift box by complimentary tracked and signed post. Thank you. Boxes in the images are for display only -thank you.