Antique 1902 Arts and Craft pewter and Ruskin enamel buckle, Guild Button for Liberty & Co


Beautiful design for Liberty & Co, London 1902

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A hugely attractive antique buckle with a flower design, hand-crafted in pewter, which has a lovely patina now. Each flower has a lovely Ruskin enamel roundel at its centre. It has lots of marks to the verso, and I am able to tell it was made in Birmingham by Norman and Ernest Spittle in 1902, the design being one already linked to Liberty & Co in London.

Both Ruskin roundels are in excellent condition and show a mid-blue colour with darker blue highlights in the design. The buckle measures approx 7.5cm wide by approx 3.6cm in height. Stamped on the reverse “THE GUILD BUTTON  N.S.E.S. REGISTERED 388979” I have seen smaller versions of these “flowers” as buttons and brooches. It is a lovely design and this would make a great addition to anyone’s collection.

In excellent condition-a beautiful thing. I shall pack in a new gift box (not the one in the images as that is for display) and I will send it by complimentary Tracked and Signed post. Thank you.