Antique English Edwardian era rare hand-wrought 9ct gold bracelet with circles and double links


A sumptuous design, England, early twentieth century

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Every now and then I am happily surprised by a piece, which really surpasses my expectations and this is my wonder piece of the day. Carrying the old Edwardian English”9CT” gold stamp, I believe this is an early Edwardian piece of jewellery. I love the unique, hand-crafted nature of the piece and it really is the only one I have ever seen like it. It is both elegant and eye-catching – a truly beautiful piece!

There is no doubt that the double intertwined circles links look very much like the later Chanel (Coco Chanel) design, however, on this beautiful bracelet, one of the circles in each pair has chased work (similar to engraved design) in diamond shapes so that it is seems reminiscent of snake skin. Each double circle link is connected to the next by a horizontal, flattened double gold link. It really is beautiful, organic work that elevates the whole piece. The circle links move around easily giving the bracelet a smoothness and flow when wearing. It retains its safety chain and has an invisible clasp so t does not interrupt the flow of the piece. The catch is stamped with “9CT” and what looks like a partially rubbed maker’s mark to the left of it. Definitely English and by the mark 1900 to 1910.

The bracelet measures approx 1.2cm in width and measures approx 20.5cm (8 inches in length). As you can see, she is a special bracelet and I am sure she will be adored! In pleasing condition with light signs of wear. A gorgeous design!

I shall send in a new gift box by Special Delivery within the UK or else by express courier internationally. Thank you. (Box in the photos is not included)