Antique French 18ct yellow gold and carnelian Saint Esprit necklace – with dove holding heart, fabulous design


Antique fine and delicate French St Esprit necklace in stamped gold and carnelians – a joy!

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A wonderful and rare, antique St Esprit necklace in a fine, quality design in 18ct gold with carnelians. It is elegant and petite, with lovely thin slivers of carnelian mounted in the links and used to represent the dove and the heart. I have never seen one quite like this before.

Rather a delicate piece and not clunky at all, this necklace follows the typical design features for these French necklaces. They are so relevant for carrying the message of love and I think the vertical dove with the heart in its mouth is one of the most beautiful motifs in 20th Century jewellery.

The carnelians are well matched with that lovely orange glowing hue. I believe the gold to be a minimum of 18ct gold but may well be of higher content-there are French eagle heads marks (Gold stamps) in numerous places on the necklace.
In immediately wearable condition. There are a couple of the carnelians in the necklace links with a fracture line if you scrutinise, however they are secure in their tight gold settings. There is a tiny bite out of the surface of one of the wings of the dove…teeny tiny and just the top section of the stone so the look is not affected. Despite not being perfect, all pieces present and correct and immediately wearable.
The full pendant section measures approx 5.2cm and the wearable length of the chain is approx 41cm (16 inches) in length.
It is a petite, light and delicate piece of jewellery – sublime design.

A beautiful thing indeed which will be sent by Tracked and signed in a brand new gift box. (Box in the images is for display purposes only.) Thank you! PLEASE NOTE I CAN NOW NO LONGER SEND TO GERMANY DUE TO CHANGES IN PACKAGING LAWS THERE.