Antique rare double row graduated moonstones bracelet in silver with moonstone set clasp


Delightful antique double row moonstone bracelet with matching gem-set clasp and antique box, c1910-1920

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A superb early twentieth century moonstone bracelet, with two rows of graduated moonstones, shifting from clear to blues in their adularescence. A beauty of a thing, with hand-set stones, each different in size and height to the next. This bracelet exudes opulence in its two rows of stones as well as the moonstone-set box clasp, meaning that when you fasten the bracelet-all you have is a continuous bracelet of moonstones. A glorious thing indeed and I will include her antique silk and velvet  box, as it would be a shame to separate them.

I love the graduated nature of the bracelet too, with the largest stones showing at the front of your wrist, naturally. Each grouping of 4 stones is on its own little silver panel and is hinged in two places to neighbouring panels. It means there is security and wonderful articulation in how it feels on your wrist. The moonstone-set catch is a lovely touch, with its six moonstones.

You can absolutely feel the hand worked element- the variation of stones is a reminder of the fact each was chosen carefully to fit into this piece of jewellery. Some stones flash blue more than others, some stones are more domed than others etc and the overall look of the bracelet is both naturalistic and elegant. It measures approx  1.9cm and its length is approx 19cm (7.5 inches). She’s a stunner and in excellent condition with no damage to the stones. Superb!

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