Arts and Crafts silver, amethyst, pearls and garnets ring with silver triple shank-like Mary Thew


A lovely ring with a great combination of stones in red, purple and white!

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A lovely hand crafted mixed gem stones Arts and Crafts ring, with a tiny, indecipherable stamp on the inside of the triple shank band. Very much in the style of the likes of Mary Thew et al, this ring displays a number of gemstones, with silver trail work ending in those balls of silver. A very pretty combination of colours from the purple of the amethyst in the centre, set on either side by pearls and then punctuated with warmth again as the garnets appear at the end of the stones on each side.

A comfortable and ergonomic ring to wear, individually hand crafted and it tells when you wear it. I love how the three separate shanks all split at the shoulders of the ring. A very attractive ring indeed, in good condition. A little wear to the stones as you would expect, one pearl is slightly more grey than the other.

It measures as approx UK size S, US size 9. Ready to wear and beautiful design. Box is not included, thank you.