1920s Art Deco 18ct gold and platinum plaque ring with ruby and diamonds


Gorgeous 1920s antique Art Deco plaque ring- sumptuous design!

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A very beautiful late 1920s antique ring, demonstrating well the ideals of the Art Deco movement. This is such a finely made ring of the best materials, including gold and platinum, along with the sparkliest diamonds -all 20 of them! It has an offset diamond shaped ruby at its heart too-very geometric in its lines. 20 diamonds and 1 ruby – so if you are searching for a ring that resonates with the number 20 or 21, this would surely be an excellent choice.

This fabulous 1920s ring sits low on the finger so is rather more sleek than some of the larger Art Deco rings, however, the plaque itself is large enough to make quite the statement. The way the diamonds are individually set in rows in a chequerboard design, is wonderful. The gaps between each setting merely enhance the feeling of lightness in the design itself. Add to this there are two sparkling diamonds set at each side where the face of the ring meets the shoulders and you have an amazing early Art Deco masterpiece of the finest materials.

The gold band is fine so is in proportion to the overall look of the ring. I can see under the loupe that the ring band has been resized in the past, probably enlarged, which is great as now it may fit more of us. It measures as a UK size L.5- M (US size 6). All stones are in excellent condition-fully tested too.

One of the loveliest rings from the Art Deco era that I have come across. I will send her in a new gift box to keep her safe and by Special Delivery within the UK, courier internationally. Thank you. Ref:cks