c1900 Arts and Crafts hand crafted silver ring with carnelian, foliate design


Warm and rich carnelian in such a fabulous naturalistic foliate design – it is so eye catching!

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A lovely, bright and pleasing design c1900 which is very reminiscent of the Artificers’ Guild in design. Each shoulder has a vine leaf and two clusters of three berries to each side. The veins in each leaf have been represented, so you really do get eye catching, hand crafted details. Beautiful!

Also beautiful is the way the stalk from each leaf is laid over the typical A&C double shank. Such a super little detail. Each section of this double shank has been hand worked with a sort of hammered design so that it is textured, rather than plain.

The lovely, elongated oval cabochon of glowing orange carnelian is vivid and luminous. It has been wonderfully set into a finely mille grained setting. I think the stone and the silver contrast is highlighted even further by the presence of patina on this piece. Easy to polish away if you prefer your silver without it. For me, it enhances the organic and naturalistic detailing on this ring.

The ring face measures as approx 2cm in length, and measures as a UK size J, US 4.75. Stamped STERLING on the inside of the band. In pleasing order..perhaps the maker made a little mistake with one of the connections of the leaf to the face? I am a perfectionist, so notice things! No wear to the stone – it is ready to wear.