c1900 scarce antique Arts and Crafts enamel peacock eye panels festoon necklace in silver


Such an attractive and rare festoon design with those vivid peacock eye enamels, c1900

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A wonderful example of how peacock eye feathers influenced the jewellery of the c1900 era. Very much starting out as an Art Nouveau motif, it was then translated into the work of the British Arts and Crafts jewellery designers. This beautiful necklace has five peacock eye enamel panels, resembling feathers and with the brightest of iridescent enamels. All wrapped up in a superb festoon design with those typical chains of the c1900 festoons that we love.

As you can see from the photos, it looks fabulous when worn, with those vivid peacock colours in the enamel of turquoise, green, sapphire blue and yellow. Each panel is individually hand crafted and different in size and shape to the next. They have each been lovingly nestled into their own silver closed-back settings. There appears to be some crackling over some of the enamel panels but after looking long and hard at this under  loupe, it looks like a characteristic of the firing of the enamel at its creation. All panels are secure and intact with no missing enamel.

The section of  with the five enamel panels measures approx 8.5cm wide and approx 4.1cm in height. The wearable length of the chain is approx 36cm (14.25 inches) which puts it at choker length.

I shall include a new necklace presentation box as the box in the images is not included. Complimentary Special Delivery is available within the UK and express courier internationally.