Exceptional and important Art Deco late 1920s silver marcasite and faceted amazonite necklace


A fabulous, important piece of Art Deco design, a true statement of the era by the finest craftspeople

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This is truly a captivating and important piece of Art Deco design, made in Pforzheim (mid to late 1920s) most likely and sold in her large, original fitted leather jeweller’s box from a jeweller with the Royal warrant in Windsor, England. The Royals were and still are known to shop in their local stores in the vicinity of Windsor Castle, hence gifts were acquired from the local jewellers in Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926 so this could be the exact year, or close to it for the creation of this necklace. How amazing! This piece looks like it was perhaps a show case piece, which demonstrated the amazing talents of the German jewellers in Pforzheim. Indeed, it is stamped with “935” (higher grade silver than sterling) to the reverse, indicating Germany as its most likely country of creation. The jewellers in Pforzheim were undoubtedly some of the very best in Europe and their lapidaries (gemstone cutters) were of legendary status.

This is a remarkable piece of design-stately and of 3D design qualities, as the separate leaf sections have all been soldered in an overlapping way, so as to create this 3D animation to the piece from the separate sections. The curled tendrils only add to the realism and to the aesthetic beauty of the necklace. It is studded with marcasites and is such an opulent piece of crafting and design. The way the silver leaves and marcasite works drips down onto the principal stone (we shall come to that in a minute!) is just wonderful.

You may be forgiven for just glancing at the pear-shaped amazonite fleetingly, however, look again. It has been expertly faceted by hand in an almost harlequin design, not just the front….but the back too! What an achievement and what a jewel. It shimmers and also has a series of white crystals in part of it, which glistens too. So, there are two tour de forces here….the amazing and intricate marcasite work and the phenomenal amazonite stone. As I said – what a jewel. To find this undoubtedly unique necklace, still nestling in her stately original leather hand-tooled box…well, a real treat!

The drop of the pendant section from the top of the flower design to the base of the amazonite is approx 6cm. The wearable length of the chain is approx 42cm (16.5 inches). In excellent order, I can only see under a loupe that there are 2 tiny marcasites missing-you do not see them as the design is so rich and heavy. My jeweller would most likely laugh at me if I suggested replacing-they are miniscule. The main stone is pristine-it should be, it has been fabulously snug in its little velvet nest. An impeccable piece of design, undoubtedly a one-off.

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