Fabulous Sibyl Dunlop Arts and Crafts statement pendant necklace with black opal and other gems


A fabulous Arts and Crafts statement-hand-crafted by Sibyl Dunlop late 1920s into early 1930s

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A sumptuous Sibyl Dunlop statement, dating from the late 1920s I would say and beautifully hand-crafted by the lady herself. The design is rich and opulent in its design and in its use of colours, using three main colours in her palette of blue, purple and green (very typical for La Dunlop). It is fabulous to see such a huge pendant, indicating late 1920s and moving into 1930s as some of the earlier pieces are so much more diminutive in size. This is a bold piece in a pleasing combination of colours which, pleasingly, comes with its original Dunlop chains and hand-made toggle fastener.

With these antique hand-crafted pieces I always feel so connected to the artist and craftsperson, as every mark and solder of their work is clear to see. It literally transports you right back to their creation. In typical Sibyl style, the verso is neat, with her intricate woven design (almost Celtic) inside the circles being clear to observe too.

The huge black opal feature is most likely a doublet or triplet and has a midnight blue to purple colour shift. It measures approx 2.3cm by 2cm. The four circular silver panels set at the Cardinal points are set with high domed amethysts, which have been foiled so you get that beautiful vivid pink hue in the stones. In between each round panel, is a chalcedony “petal” which culminates in a triple arrangement of two faceted amethysts and an emerald. The arrangement of different shapes of stones in this design is also very typical of the work of Sibyl Dunlop.

The original Arts and Crafts chains are attached, and are in a design I have noted on one or two other Sibyl pieces. I love that the original hand-crafted toggle is still present too. The pendant measures approx 8cm in height and the wearable length of the chain is approx 72cm (28.25 inches), which puts the pendant at just under the bust level as you wear it.

In pleasing condition with a few teeny flea bites spotted under the loupe but nothing major, thank goodness. Some inevitable discolouration to the foiled chalcedonies as is usual for closed-back stones like this and of this age. Some patina remains so it would polish further if that’s what you prefer. I shall send by complimentary Special Delivery within the UK or else by Express courier internationally. Boxes in the images are for display only but I will send in a necklace presentation box for you. Thank you.