Reserved ****Gustav Hauber signed Modernism necklace in wonderful flower design panels with 5 rose quartz stones


Lovely warm pink contrasts the cool silver, in this lovely floral modernism piece by Hauber

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You just have to love Gustav Hauber-such versatility of designs and he designed successfully over decades of important jewellery design. This is a Modernism piece, which, pleasingly, is signed with the hammer mark and H, his maker’s mark.

Such a clever necklace which is so impressive because of the statement it makes. The use of circles to create square-shaped flowers. The industrial reference with the silver, juxtaposing the warmth and naturalistic references of the rose quartz. Such a pretty piece, with the flower panels going all the way round the necklace, not just at the front.

The main section of the necklace displays alternating panels, set either with or without rose quartz cabochons. They are all in wonderful order. Someone over the years has also attached a safety chain to the bolt ring fastener, for added security when you wear it. Useful indeed for such a wow of a necklace.

Each panel measures approx 1.6cm square and the whole necklace measures approx 41cm to the end of the panels but the safety chain / extender chain allows an extra 6cm if you require it. A generous length unlike some historic pieces.