Omar Ramsden attr c1920 Arts and Crafts impressive necklace in silver and chrysoprase with original chains


A fabulous hand-wrought necklace attr to Omar Ramsden, London, c1915-1920

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A beautiful necklace, highlighting how well apple green chrysoprase (stained agate) works when set in silver. It is fabulously hand-crafted and shows a lot of Omar Ramsden (London) touches, all be it an early piece (1910-1920 I would estimate). Every piece of detailing here has been hand-crafted and if you flip this lovely necklace over, you can immediately see the superlative way it has been created. After much research (firstly having believed it was a Sibyl piece) I have found many typical touches of Omar Ramsden. I cannot see a maker’s mark, but this was not unusual for Ramsden’s pieces- some were marked, others weren’t. Omar Ramsden’s work is hugely sought after and the quality of this piece is outstanding, allowing you to study closely the amount of detail that he put into the creation of such a necklace. Amazing!

The highly stylised leaves have been applied by hand to the structure of the main plaque of the pendant, as well as to the separate top section of the pendant above it. In fact, that section has a look of wings from the leaves. The central domed cabochon of chrysoprase has been set in a “nipped” setting, which is beautiful. Those 6 teardrop-shaped cabs set around that central stone are, again, a very typical Ramsden design motif. I also love the thick rope work setting at the foot of the central stone. Much of the silver work, especially the shapes to the perimeter of the pendant, are very reminiscent of another Ramsden chrysoprase necklace I used to own.

From that top part of the pendant, the chains lead up to a small chrysoprase-set spacer on each side. The chain is the original with each figure-of-eight link having a tiny silver ball on each side of the central point. The original toggle fastener remains too, which is lovely.

All in immaculate condition and a joy to gaze at an to hold. Those stones have been fantastically-cut, which was also a feature of the best silversmiths’ work. These chrysoprase cabochons are wonderful. The pendant section from the “winged” plaque is approx 6.6cm in height. The round, central plaque has a diameter of approx 4.4cm. The wearable length of the necklace is approx 50cm (19.75 inches).

I shall send by courier internationally or Special Delivery within the UK, in a new gift box to keep her safe. Thank you.