Reserved for J ***Amy Sandheim c1930 impressive Arts and Crafts pendant necklace with abalone, amethyst and other gems


A superb example of the sublime work of Amy Sandheim, London, c1930

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A sensational piece of Arts and Crafts jewellery by Amy Sandheim, London and of the c1930 era. Amy’s “peasant jewellery”, as she called it, was impressively bold and statement, especially in the selection of gemstones she chose to adorn her pieces. The gems and colours on this fabulous necklace are exceptionally well-chosen and make such a striking statement-you cannot fail to be wowed! Personally I always find purple and green gem stones such a treat when they appear together, and here we have no less than 10 large bright and sparkly faceted amethysts, along with 8 oval cabochons of chrysoprase (stained agate). There are also 4 round grey/light blue chalcedony stones and you can see instantly that they have all been selected, as these colours appear in the divine slice of abalone at the centre of the pendant.

The deconstruction of the abalone colours by using these gems is truly sublime and really reflects one of Amy Sandheim’s strengths as a designer. This is a typically very large and rather statement piece of jewellery, instantly recognisable as one of Amy’s designs. She may have made this initially as a statement brooch, as there are brooch fittings to the reverse. However, and this is a very important however, it looks like Amy did the conversion herself. The chains are in keeping with a design she used on other pieces and the two amethysts set in the chains are also an exact match to those in the main pendant. How can I be sure, well, in usual Amy fashion she has recycled these large and beautiful amethysts from a previous antique piece of jewellery. Under the loupe you can see two tiny holes where they would have been threaded onto a fine chain, this includes the two in the chain, hence I can see it is original to the piece.

There are also two lovely silver filigree balls on each side of the chain above the amethysts. The length of the chain for me is perfect as it is not too short and neither is it a sautoir, which puts the pendant very low down on your body. In fact, it measures approx 59cm (23 inches) in length. The pendant plaque measures a whopping 9.3cm in height by approx 6.7cm wide.

In pleasing condition-the pin has been removed from the brooch fittings on the verso-most likely to make it safer and more comfortable to wear as a pendant. However the hinge and C clasp remain, so if you wish to reinstate as a brooch, a jeweller can simply add a pin back in for you. I suspect though, that this would be worth retaining as a necklace, as the chain and pendant are an authentic, historic pairing which look fabulous together. I shall send in a new box (not the box in the images) and by complimentary express courier internationally or else by Special Delivery within the UK. Thank you.