Reserved for M ***Superb Kate Eadie antique Arts and Crafts gold and silver ring with large fire opal c1910


Wonderful piece with a truly stunning fire opal by Kate Eadie c1910

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Here is something unique and glorious, an antique c1910 Kate Eadie (Birmingham School) ring with a large Asscher-cut (square emerald-cut) fire opal. It is the first Eadie ring I have ever come across with a fire opal and what a tremendous stone! That squared-cut gives such depth and interest to an already visually stunning stone. It is a vivid orange of such a rich hue and it sparkles fabulously with such little movements. An excellent example of a fire opal and of a significant size, measuring approximately 9mm by 9mm. This ring will be loved by both fire opal lovers and Eadie lovers alike.

I adore Eadie’s work and I have made that no secret in the past. The precision with which she designed and created her pieces was awe-inspiring. Such delicate touches in robust jewellery is a rarity and to think each piece is unique, never replicated. Those squared and numerous claws retaining the stone is a typical Eadie detail, as are the gold flowers on either side of the stone, on the shoulders of the ring. I love too, how on this ring, the silver ropework detailing at the base of the setting has been twisted together with a gold rope work detail, giving alternate silver and gold sections throughout that square ropework section-beautiful. The ring has a typical Arts and Crafts double band.

The ring measures as approx UK size K (US size 5). It is in pleasing condition, with some wear to some of the facets in line with her age (visible under the strong magnification of the jeweller’s loupe) but thankfully nothing major and no chips. The ring shows beautifully, as you can see. A show stopper!

I shall send in a new ring box to keep her safe and by complimentary courier internationally or else by Special Delivery within the UK. Boxes in the images are for display only-thank you.

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