RESERVED Sibyl Dunlop 1930s incredible labradorite drop pendant with hand wrought silver chain


A stunning “depth of the ocean” labradorite drop set exquisitely by Sibyl Dunlop, 1930s

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A wow of a find! A beautiful hand wrought Arts and Crafts necklace by Dunlop, 1930s, which has typical Sibyl motifs and a fabulous hand wrought chain with different links. We all know how Sibyl used the very best lapidarists (stone cutters/workers) in Europe for her gems and this necklace is the most stunning example of how her work collaborates with the natural material rather than overshadowing it – the large labradorite drop is exquisite!

Labradorite was first officially acknowledged in Labrador in Canada (hence the name). Fine pieces of the gemstone show a tremendous schiller, a “labradorescence”, which occurs due to the inner structure of the stone as it reflects only certain colours. This huge cabochon of labradorite is undoubtedly the main player in this fabulous jewel and I love that Sibyl used a relatively simple decorative silver collar to attach it to the necklace. It allows the huge “bottom of the ocean” section of stone to be seen. I really could talk for hours about this beautiful stone….glistens of gold and a forest-like network of strands and of course, those tremendous flashes of blue!!! Very, very tempted to hang onto this piece myself πŸ™‚

The silver collar has a flower motif and sylised leaves, seen in other Sibyl pieces. It is suspended from a labradorite spacer. This is connected to both parts of the main chain by way of a round 3 section connector dotted with a silver ball in the centre. A typical Arts and Crafts feature. Another labradorite spacer on each side and then a lovely hand wrought figure of eight link, again dotter with a silver ball. Another labradorite spacer on each side and then the remainder of the chain consists of a series of complex hand-wrought silver links.

The necklace is the perfect length to wear for us today as it measures approx 53cm (a touch under 21 inches) in length so the labradorite stone sits at your cleavage / heart level. The drop of the pendant section measures approx 8.1cm. The labradorite stone measures approx 5.2cm by 2.6cm. A beauty of a thing!!! In excellent condition, the only fleabite I could find was on the top of a smaller labradorite stone -at the back and I think it may actually have been caused in the creation of the piece originally. A beautiful necklace -ready to wear.

Labradorite, by the way, is a revered gem stone and is said to offer the wearer limitless potential, as it is one of the few stones said to connect our physical world with the spiritual. Perfect for spiritual expansion!

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