Robert Catterson-Smith rare Arts and Crafts necklace in white metal and pewter c1903


Rare Catterson-Smith c1903 hand-wrought necklace, articulated design

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An unbelievably rare survivor from the workshop of Robert Catterson-Smith (1853-1938), artist, craftsman and friend of William Morris. Catterson-Smith was also the Headmaster at Vittoria Street School for Jewellers and Silversmiths in Birmingham from 1901 to 1903 and taught / worked with the top names in the A&C world, including Arthur and Georgie Gaskin, the Instone brothers, Edith Linnell, Bernard Cuzner, George Hunt and so on. His collaboration with William Morris on the Kelmscott Chaucer illustrations is viewed as one of the most important literary expressions of the Arts and Crafts movement.

This necklace, hand-crafted in white metal and what appears to be pewter came to me in a small collection of items made by Catterson-Smith himself. I am assuming, therefore, that this would have been crafted possibly as an exemplar for students in the 1903-1905 era. It is a wonderfully designed and hand wrought piece, which a man or a woman could wear equally. A most attractive thing, which has a round hand-worked shield section suspended in the centre of a circular pewter surround, with an additional 7 hand wrought pewter danglers. No fastener as it slips over your head-it makes a strong design statement and also highlights many of the Arts and Crafts ideals of that era.

The pendant section measures approx 7cm in height and the length of the chain is approx 60cm (23.5 inches). I will send in a new gift box to keep this historic piece safe and secure. It really is from the very heart of the British Arts and Crafts movement and is such a rare thing indeed. I will send by Special Delivery within the UK and by courier internationally. Thank you.