Sibyl Dunlop early Arts and Crafts silver, chrysoprase, paste and marcasite brooch 1920s


A delightful, fine piece by Dunlop, late 1920s, with a gold hinge and C clasp too!

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Beautiful, elegant and precisely worked Arts and Crafts brooch by Sibyl Dunlop, probably made in the late 1920s. It has the fine feel of an earlier piece of work rather than the chunkier later pieces. It is an outstanding design, which is studded with mixed coloured stones and sparkly marcasites.

In a sort of elaborate star design, there is a large sapphire coloured stone in the centre, around which are placed 8 cabochons of apple green chrysoprase. The arches structure of the brooch at the centre is beautiful too. The next layer outwards has 8 faceted red pastes studding in the same points as the chrysoprases in the earlier circle. the 8 sapphire coloured stones on the periphery of the brooch round the piece off beautifully, by referring back to the central stone. Sumptuous!

Marcasites are dotted between the chrysoprase section and the outer sapphire blue stones so the whole piece is light, reflective and displays a superb execution of the materials in this brilliant design. On the reverse – very much in keeping with Sibyl’s work – clean and smooth with a gold hinge and C clasp, adding a certain extra special touch to the piece.

In wonderful condition and ready to be received. It measures approx 3.6cm in diameter.