Statement c1900 Arts and Crafts enamel silver foliate pendant necklace-hand crafted and fabulous!


Vibrant enamel and fabulous design, England, c1900

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This is simply a WOW of a piece. It sings the c1900 hand wrought nature-focussed English Arts and Crafts movement in such a superb design with the most marvellous vibrancy of colours. An impressive, statement size with its original silver chain and beautifully hand-crafted toggle fastener. An homage to nature and for any lover of nature -a joyful thing!

This unique beauty of a piece is a circular  open work design in silver, which has four groups of three large leaves laid out at the cardinal points. The vibrancy and intensity of colours on these leaves is second-to-none with the enamel ranging from deep green to a lighter leaf green towards the pointed end of each leaf. There is a small, enamelled forget-me-not flower set at each of the four corners of that inner square and I adore how well this craftsperson has considered every nuance of detail and colour. This is demonstrated in the way the forget-me-nots’ enamel matches perfectly the colour of the large turquoise stone at the centre of the whole design. Turquoise was often used by the Arts and Crafts’ designers in the c1900 era, as a direct link to the forget-me-not flower and its symbol of eternal love. How appropriate we have both present in this stunning design. I love too the jagged large teeth holding the turquoise in place. Suspended below the bottom leaf is a single pearl. This is a remarkable survivor and a very beautiful thing.You can see that the verso has been counter-enamelled back in the day, to provide extra stability to the enamelling. It is (again-has been considered carefully) in forget-me-not blue.

The pendant measures approx 8cm in height and approx 7cm wide -it is an impressive size. The wearable length of the chain is approx 56cm (22 inches). I shall send in a presentation box (not the box in the images) and by complimentary tracked and signed post. Thank you.