Reserved for L **Substantial natural star ruby ring in 9ct gold- approx 19 carats-statement piece


A large and impressive natural star ruby ring crafted in 9ct gold – beautiful purple hue!

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A beautiful statement ring with a large natural star ruby cabochon being set in a strong but simple 9ct gold frame. The ruby has the desired 6-point star which you can see in certain lights and from different angles. This phenomenon in rubies (and sapphires) is called Asterism. You can actually see the rutile needles formed in a kind of hexagon which allows the light to be manipulated into the much-favoured star shape. I really hadn’t known too much about these fabulous stones before researching them but I am now mesmerised by them. Ruby is the birthstone of July babies and the star ruby is said to elevate / enhance the stone’s properties spectacularly.

This stone is a large round cabochon, which sits in a lovely wide gold collar. It is (pleasingly open-backed) which is great. Much better access for the stone to sit close to your skin. It is a deep cabochon and it does come within a mm of the bottom of the collar, putting the depth at approx 9mm. The diameter is approx 14mm so it is a lovely, large and presumably, very sought after stone. I am not a gemmologist but using an online carat calculator, it gives an estimated carat size of just over 19 carats for this ruby. The stone also tested as ruby on my Presidium Gem tester machine.

I love the sleek, yet substantial design where the band for the ring sits externally over the bezel setting. Just a pleasing ring all round. It measures as approx UK size T.5 (US approx size 10). It is stamped “9CT” in two places on the inside of the band.

I shall send in a new ring box to keep her safe and by Special Delivery within the UK and by courier internationally. Thank you!