RESERVED for B****Henry George Murphy attr Arts and Crafts necklace in silver with carnelians, early 1900s


An absolute gem of a design, large and impressive with those elegant and neat Murphy leaves

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This is such an amazing necklace. It is a large, statement piece by Henry George Murphy (a very sought after name) and it was created in the early years of the 1900s.  This fabulous necklace has it all, it really does. It is all lovingly hand crafted, right down to each link on the chains to the hand created and very unusual catch to fasten the necklace. A large and impressive example of Murphy’s work.

In the past I did possess a small carnelian silver pendant by Murphy, however, it was not on the same impressive scale as this necklace. The way the pendant is suspended from the chain, with those two festoon-like side chains, is lovely. The small carnelian drop harks back to the main pendant, as it also has a cluster of five berries at the bottom of the drop. This leads the eye upwards to the main pendant, to the clusters of three berries found nestled in the leaves there.

The leaves are very distinctive and recognisable as Murphy’s …..elegant, beautifully pointed at the end with a stem and vein of confident work. Unusually there are also three double flowers to be found at the top of the pendant. No prizes for seeing the Gaskins’ influence there. A cluster of three berries at every point where the chains attach to the pendant. So much thought has gone into the precise detailing of this piece. Even to the reverse, we can see the continuation of the berries theme.

The pendant measures approx 6.2cm to the bottom of the drop – yes, it is a large piece. The wearable length of the chain measures approx 47.5cm (18.75 inches). In excellent order…there is quite a build up of patina, so you may wish to polish further but I will leave that for you to decide upon. This is a robust and heavy piece, which I am confident its new owner will cherish. Glowing orange carnelians are super and are also in excellent order.

I will send in a new gift box (boxes in images are for display only) and will send by complimentary courier internationally or else by Special Delivery within the UK. Thank you!