Unique c1900 antique Birmingham School Arts and Crafts bracelet, school of Gaskins


A most beautiful and scarce antique A&C bracelet, so beautifully executed, c1900

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This is a wonderfully unique, hand wrought Arts and Crafts bracelet of immense detailing, dating from c1900-1910 and undoubtedly, Birmingham School. The design sings the Vittoria Street School and it shows touches no doubt, of the work of Arthur and Georgie Gaskin. It is such a rarity, as antique Arts and Crafts bracelet from that time and era are not at all a common finding.

It is a sumptuous thing, showing how much thought went into the design of such A&C pieces. Not only the consideration is evident, but also the skill of the craftsperson. I feel it may have been a woman but sadly, I have not been able to find enough information to attribute it fully. The use of turquoise cabs, the tiny rope work details at the base of the settings, the foliate design itself and the decoration of the boxed clasp-all scream Birmingham School.

The clasp has been decorated the same as the rectangular open work panels, with beautiful flowers and stylised leaves with an odd curled tendril now and then. Each panel is different and it is so incredible to think about the hours and hours that have gone into making this piece. Each of the rectangular panels is interspersed with a oval link, housing the turquoise cabochons. The external form does not make a solid oval but ends with a cluster of berries on each end – a very Gaskinesque touch. In fact, I am currently selling a necklace with the same feature.

In pleasing condition, one small fracture to a small turquoise but it is secure-it may even be along a natural fissure in the small stone. Everything else is perfect-including the function of the decorated box clasp and the presence of the original safety chain. It is such a darling treasure!

A dainty, elegant and fabulous thing measuring approx 17.5cm (a touch under 7 inches) so she is a smallish piece. Please do check measurements. I will send her in a new gift box as the boxes in the images are for display only. Complimentary postage is included-thank you.