Victorian rare fringe necklace demi-parure set in silver with operculum shell -wonderful pair!


A wonderful and beautiful rarity-an operculum demi-parure from the Victorian era.

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An absolutely rare demi-parure from the Victorian era and a miraculous survivor really, as it show cases the beauty of operculum shells. This matching necklace and bracelet is in excellent condition with all shells intact and undamaged. That in itself is a rarity but to have the matching pair is really a lovely thing indeed.

These opercula are a white to faint, delicate blue and you can see why they were so loved by the Victorians in their jewellery. This fringe necklace is beautiful, with 12 opercula, individually claw set in their own individually crafted settings. This is such a labour of love when you consider the care to craft each organic, beautifully irregular shell into a metal piece of jewellery. To think it has survived in such a good state is really a triumph of the jeweller / craftsperson.

Each operculum is suspended on its own chain, suspended from the main chain and connecting to it with a large silver ball. The silver chains are all original, as is the silver barrel fastener. The length of each drop from the main chain is approx 2.3cm and the wearable length of the chain is approx 40cm (15.75 inches).

The bracelet has a total of 8 shells, with one being set in the clasp to give it an “invisible” clasp appearance. Again, each one has been set with lots of tiny silver claws into its own unique setting. There are a series of double chains holding each shell panel in place. The bracelet measures approx 16.8cm (a touch over 6.5 inches). There is some patina on the piece so you can decide whether it stays or gets polished away once you receive this demi-parure. This is a museum quality set in fantastic condition for its age.

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