RESERVED for J ***Edith Linnell 1920s Arts and Crafts pendant with carved purple jade and other gemstones


A wonderful execution of both fine form and choice of materials, Edith Linnell c1925

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An exquisite hand-wrought Edith Linnell pendant, in essentially suffragette colours, but which also reflect the late 1920s era. Linnell’s design is fine and I love the juxtaposition of rounded shapes with the more Deco rectangles, standing vertically. This piece has a carved purple jade cabochon show cased in its own very Linnelesque setting. It is, quite typically, carved on both sides, with a flower and leaves design. It is wonderful to hold the jade to the light and see it in all its glory.

There is a small gold loop at the top of the pendant, through which this largeish oval silver bale is passed. There is a semi-circular form at the top of the pendant, in which there is set a faceted topaz. Below that, is another small, round faceted green stone, matching the colour of the chrysoprase stones. An upright, baguette-cut rock crystal is placed next to an upright baguette-cut chrysoprase stone. In the next line down, this is varied, by having the chrysoprase first and then the rock crystal.

There is a typical Linnell delicate outline in silver, over the top of the pointed end of the carved jade cabochon, giving the pendant a further 3D quality. In the overlapping motif, a small rectangular, upright chrysoprase cabochon sits above a small, rounded blue chalcedony stone. That touch of blue is expertly chosen to lift the whole colour palette. The juxtaposition of stones and cuts, along with the delicacy of design give Linnell away. Her work is simply beautiful. I have also taken images of the sides of the pendant so you can see the very typical setting for Linnell, which I have also come across on her brooches and another pendant of hers.

The pendant measures approx 7cm in length and I will also include the silver chain, which measures approx 65cm (25.5 inches). In excellent conditions-all stones undamaged. I suspect the oval top bale is a more recent addition, however, it is large so it will allow a variety of widths of chains to be used.

I will send in a new gift box by special delivery within the UK or else by courier internationally. Please note the boxes in the images are for display only. Thank you.