Edward Spencer The Artificers’ Guild c1905 Museum piece- sensational Grape Vine Arts and Crafts necklace -beyond rare!


A sensational and extremely rare item by the hugely sought after Edward Spencer, c1905.

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This is a necklace, which leaves me just about speechless. It is beyond rare – by Edward Spencer c1905, a pendant necklace which he completed for The Artificers’ Guild. It is a large statement piece, which shows you exactly why Edward Spencer’s pieces are so sought after. It would be at home in any top Art Gallery or Museum and you have to keep reminding yourself that this was all hand made! Unbelievably, this is all original….the sautoir chain and S shaped fastener too. That in itself is really unusual, however, the whole piece is in pristine condition, with all stones unscathed.

This Grape Vine necklace sings. The stones combination is one of my very favourites- that of amethyst with rock quartz. The main heart-shaped pendant retains its original double bale dotted with a tiny silver ball front and back. The large round, faceted rock crystal in the centre is super sparkly and is set with those tell-tale Spencer V shaped claws. Just beautiful! The main part of the pendant is decorated with vine leaves, coiled tendrils and clusters  and groupings of grapes. Singularly, in pairs and also as a trio.

There is a large and impressive amethyst drop set below it, with its fine scalloped setting, fine rope work borders and clusters of tiny silver balls. Each time you see a loop on this piece (as in others by the Guild) you will see a tiny silver ball placed either side. A lovely detail.

The long sautoir chain is recognisable in design as an Edward Spencer piece, which would fetch a handsome sum on its own actually. It consists of small, figure of 8 links in plain silver, which alternate with elongated ovals in rope work. The time taken to just construct that is mind blowing. It retains its original S shaped catch.

The sautoir chain measures approx 85cm (33.5 inches) in length. The pendant measures approx 6.8cm from the top of the bale to the bottom of the amethyst drop.

I am also about to list a pair of extraordinarily rare Spencer earrings, again in rock quartz and amethyst.

A unique and very special piece of Arts and Crafts history by one of the best names. I shall send by courier internationally or else Special Delivery within the UK. Box in the images is for display purposes only, thank you.