German Jugendstil impressive enamel and silver pendant attr Hermann Haussler


Attr Hermann Haussler, an impressive Jugendstil enamel and silver pendant, early twentieth century

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A beautiful rarity and on such a grand scale too- I am attributing this large Jugendstil design firmly to Hermann Haussler, who was a genius in enamel work in the c1900 era in Germany. He worked for a number of prestigious Pforzheim jewellery firms and perhaps had his greatest collaboration with the firm of Theodor Fahrner, where he designed from c1908-1911. The colours used in this astounding pendant are black for the background, green for the split leaves and purple for the flowers/ fruit. These are three very typical Haussler colours and also typical of some of the pieces he designed during his time at Fahrner.

I love the vibrant colours on this piece and the purple flowers are so wonderfully plum-coloured with the usual gloss you get from enamel. Set around the raised central plaque is an organic line of bead work, then a hammered silver section before the whole pendant is set with bead work all around the outer edge. There is an integral bale, to which I have simply added a fine silver chain. You could easily have another bale or link added so that the chain sits at a perfect angle.

It is stamped “800” for the quality of silver (800 and 935 were commonly used in Germany in that era. Now the mystery….the maker’s mark is one I have not come across before. It seems to be a HW mark, so perhaps this pendant was produced whilst Haussler was working for them ? I think it may have been a Schwabisch Gmund jeweller…Emil Hermann. I have inspected the enamel work closely and I am happy with the age and quality of that work-having had a number of similar Fahrner Haussler pieces through my hands. The pendant is in very pleasing condition, I only spotted one flower/fruit where there had clearly been a natural air bubble during the enamel firing process. There is, for that reason, a small area on part of that fruit / flower which is less glossy as there was less enamel. A natural reaction to the process of firing, not later damage.

It is HUGE…..the pendant measures approx 7.6cm in height (incl the bale) and approx 4.1cm wide. The chain I will include for you if you would like it, although you may wish to switch up to one of your own more substantial chains. It measures approx 54cm (just under 21.5 inches).

I will post in a new gift box by Special Delivery within the UK or else by express courier internationally, for safety and security of the enamel. Thank you. Boxes in the images are not included.