Museum quality Georg Kleemann, Pforzheim Jugendstil pendant c1900 for Heinrich Levinger


An exceptional and scarce piece of Jugendstil jewellery, Prof Georg Kleemann c1900

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A complete rarity, a truly glorious piece of design and a particularly exquisitely executed pendant, by Professor Georg Kleemann, who was perhaps the most well-known of the Pforzheim jewellery designers around the 1900 era. Kleemann was in demand as a designer with all of the best quality jewellery houses and was known to have produced designs for several of the big names. This pendant is identical in design to a brooch I spotted in the past (a signed Levinger Bissinger piece) which had a rather slate grey/purple enamel and a chrysoprase stone. It had no drop however.

This exceptional pendant was perhaps a commission piece or perhaps an exhibition piece, as it really surpasses anything I have come across with similar Kleemann designs. It has been executed in gold washed silver and it retains the gilt beautifully. The opals (I have been told they are fire opals) are super lively. The oval opal in the centre has a pale blue base but has almost a glittery cluster of colour in the centre with corals and turquoises. There is a fiery red section to the left side that moves around when you move the pendant, as well as other glittery greens towards the bottom. The suspended stone is also fabulous…it is dotted with vibrant greens and turquoises and there is a red/peach patch that moves around the stone when it moves. Clearly both were picked because of these rarer features.

Amazingly the enamel (typical Levinger Bissinger to me in the way it fades from one colour to the next) is pearlised and picks up the coral, yellows and pale green elements in the central stone. Photos will never do this pendant justice-it is simply one of the most wonderful Jugendstil pieces you are likely to come across. I think it may have had unique individual attention, during its creation.

Wonderful to have pristine enamel and a piece which is in excellent condition in all senses. The chains are original and there is a maker’s mark on the left chain, although too tiny for me to decipher…it could be a partial HL. Stamped DEPOSE in typical Levinger Bissinger font to the verso. An exceptional piece worthy of anyone’s top drawer collection. The height of the drop, including chains, is approx 8cm.

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