Reserved for P Rare antique Arts and Crafts mid 1920s hand crafted sautoir in silver and carnelian / agate Bakelite gems


A superb example of ‘Bakelite Jewels’ jewellery in a fine silver sautoir-hand wrought in the 1920s

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An amazing find – a genuine piece of antique, 1920s hand crafted silver Arts and Crafts fine jewellery in all original condition. It is an extraordinary piece, as it is a sautoir, which has been hand crafted in England, clearly by a fine maker, using Bakelite gemstones. I have not seen anything like it before actually and it is a very accomplished piece, with so many hand wrought touches. Bakelite was developed in the US way back in 1907!

Each “Carnelian” Bakelite disc has been fastened into the chain by hand, as have the olive green agate-like Bakelite beads. Between each is a typical Arts and Crafts figure of 8 silver link. The chain running at the back of the neck is a sort of paperclip chain, again in silver. I love the graduating nature of the discs, alternating from larger to smaller in the pattern. The central disc is attached at an angle so you get the sense of a drop pendant. A beautiful sautoir, which just pops over your head.

It is a rarity to see Bakelite used in fine jewellery on this scale, with the whole piece being in amazingly pristine condition. It is an important piece of jewellery show casing these “Bakelite jewels” from the early 1920s. It is not only of antique interest but also of socio-historic interest.

This sterling silver sautoir chain measures approx 98cm (38.5 inches). She is an absolute treasure! I found a pair that had clearly been squirreled away by someone for years upon years, as they are both in outstandingly excellent condition. This one is carnelian orange to brown and the other is blue and ivory.

I will send in a new gift box as the boxes in the images are for display only. Tracked and signed delivery is included.