Rare c1930 hand crafted foiled moonstones leaves and tendrils Arts and Crafts statement brooch


Gorgeous and rare foiled moonstones brooch in a statement size-all hand-wrought, c1930

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A particularly attractive statement Arts and Crafts brooch, which features a rare example of coloured foil moonstones in an arrangement of pastel colours including, pink, pale blue and pale green. It is a large wreath-shaped brooch, all hand-wrought and it really is a beautiful example of its type. I did ponder an attribution but could not say for definite- it has Dorrie Nossiter and Mary Thew features for sure.

How unusual to have the foils different colours- those pastels work so amazingly well with the moonstones, as the stones actually have a good degree of adularescence, meaning they shimmer blue over the top of the coloured foils when you move the brooch. Hand tooled leaves, both single and double leaves, decorate the spaces in between the stones, along with those distinctive coiled tendrils and wrapped wire. The stones are all set in fine mille grain settings.

In pleasing order with its original pin and early safety clasp, it is a large piece with a diameter of approx 5.7cm. No markings (as was typical for the era) and as you can see, some patina, which you may decide to polish away. Just take care with closed-back foiled stones, you can damage them with water and other liquids. I always use a silver cloth when dealing with closed-back foils like this.

I shall send in a new gift box (not the box in the images) and by complimentary tracked and signed post. Thank you. Ref: crn