Reserved for A****Valdres Solvsmie Norway rare Modernist bracelet in sterling silver with amethysts


A wonderful, wonderful set Valdres Solvsmie, Norway c1970s Modernism

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Once again I find something from Valdres Solvsmie, which has blown my mind. Such a rarity to find one of their bracelets.

This is what I would describe as art sculpture, as well as being incredible jewellery design. It was created in the deserted mountains in Norway by “VALDRES SOLVSMIE” c1970 and to me, they seem as if it was literally chiselled from the icy mountains. Breath-taking pieces of work.

The beautiful, naturalistic bracelet consists of four graduated circular silver panels, each with randomly shaped “slices of mountains” in silver set within the circular frames. There are groups of bubbles / circular stepping stones of differing sizes and bright purple domed amethysts are bezel-set within the design. Such a captivating bracelet. Amazingly, despite its size it fits the wrist like a glove and is incredibly comfortable to wear.

The verso of the largest bracelet panel is stamped “925S NORWAY VALDRES SOLVSMIE”. It is in lovely condition with all stones being in perfect order too. It is truly a statement piece of jewellery…is heavy and substantial but it just feels alive on your wrist!!! It measures a touch over 17cm (6.75 inches) in length.

This fabulous bracelet will be sent by private courier for both speed and security to international destinations and with Special Delivery within the UK. Many thanks and please do ask if you have any further questions. I will package carefully in a gift box.