Reserved for K-4th payment Antique1800s 9ct gold and foiled flat-cut garnets wonderful riviere necklace with 41 stones


A sumptuous jammy red foiled flat-cut garnets riviere necklace from the 1800s- beautiful thing!

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This is a gorgeous, high quality Victorian necklace from the 1800s, crafted throughout in 9ct gold and stamped many, many times as such to the verso. It features 41 flat-cut garnets, which are foiled for extra vibrancy of colour and light reflection. It is a wonderfully executed piece in excellent condition and dating from the early to mid 1800s pitching it late Georgian or early Victorian era.

Each of the jammy red garnets has that large flat-cut area that is so in demand today. When you move the necklace, even slightly, you see the light reflecting and those deep red to lighter red hues you get from foiled garnets. There are 6 tiny gold claws retaining each stone. To the verso you will see “9CT” is stamped on nearly all of the separate links of the necklace-really unusual to find that. I also adore the concealed gold box clasp, which is decorated with two garnets so you get that continuous riviere look.

You see many riviere necklaces in silver or else with pastes, so to find such a piece crafted throughout in gold and with such beautiful authentic foiled garnet stones-all in lovely condition, well….it is a rarity.

The necklace is suitable for daytime or evening wear, as it is elegant and not too chunky. It measures approx 39cm (approx 15.5 inches) and is therefore a choker style. A loose choker on me, resting nicely and which would look beautiful worn with a shirt or dress.

I shall send in a new gift box and not the box used in the images. I will include complimentary express courier to international destinations and special delivery within the UK. Thank you.