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An incredible early Artificers’ Guild rock crystal pendant and chain by Edward Spencer c1910, which was surely the precursor to the Sandheim / Dunlop rock crystal pieces of the 20s and 30s. This is most likely the earliest design in this type of sautoir that I have come across. It is a large, complex statement piece of jewellery and has so many of those wonderful Artificers’ Guild touches. It is very easily identifiable as an important Artificers’ Guild piece.

Please bear in mind that the images do not do this incredible piece justice at all. It is sensational! A very long silver sautoir chain -three types of links in there in different sections, which is so lovely. The main length of  chain has an elongated rectangular type of link, and alternate figure-of-eight links. Then you reach the first of the rock crystal beads-oval and faceted. Between that bead and the next rounded rock crystal bead, there are two different links used in the chain…more complex in design. One of the lovely links is used in the final piece of chain leading to the central shield-shaped silver plaque.

The silver shield section bears rope work, silver balls, both singular and in clusters of three, as well as the distinctive flattened rivet type of studs which you often find in work by the Guild.  Suspended below this shield, is another oval faceted rock crystal bead. Below that is another motif distinctive as the work of the Guild- an overall diamond shape, constructed with four squares of silver, tiny balls and set with a central flower motif on both sides.

Finally, the piece de resistance is the large pear-shaped faceted rock crystal in a complex and attractive foliate collar of silver. Again, studded with typical design features of the Artificers’ Guild, such as those leaves with the strong central vein line, the tiny balls and rope work. A framed forget-me-not flower is positioned in the centre of the collar on both sides. I love that the whole necklace below the shield shape, can be turned either way around as you wear it, as both sides are identical.

It is such a long chain, at approx 114cm (nearly 45 inches) that it really does show you how low these pendants worn in those days. The drop of the pendant section is approx 11.5cm (4.5 inches) from the top of the shield to the bottom of the rock crystal. In pleasing condition – some tiny wear to the rock crystal facets on the small, round bead on the left as you look at it. The matching bead on the right may be a replacement but certainly is not obvious. One teeny, tiny old fix in the chain right at the back of the neck. I have scrutinised….none of these things will jump out but I am a perfectionist and study carefully with the loupe. Minor things for such a large and impressive thing- thank goodness the main stone is in good order and all of the silver work is beautifully complete and intact. This is a rare thing indeed!

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