Reserved for M ***Russian vintage silver, gold, enamel and ruby paste “Easter egg” drop earrings


Eyecatching and so reminiscent of those glorious Russian eggs we all like to talk about!

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Beautiful vintage example of Russian “Easter Egg” drop earrings, which really are spectacularly pretty. They are c1940s and test higher than sterling silver, so probably 960 silver, which is typical for these beautiful things from this era in Russia. They are substantial and statement pieces in such an exuberant shade of cobalt blue enamel. Foiled against the bright gold of the silver gilt, they look so elegant.

I adore the large guilloche enamel bow, which is 3D at the top of the design. It is punctuated in the centre by a pink ruby paste. Suspended by a link under each bow, is the “egg” itself. Hand enamelled and gilded. There is a chequerboard design in gold, tracing lines from one pink stone to the next. There is a thick band of gold painted around the centre of the egg (lengthways) so we are reminded of the Easter egg idea of the egg being in two halves.

The egg sections are quite weighty and there is a lovely movement when you wear the earrings. They are rich and oppulent pieces of design. Gorgeous!

The length of each earring is approx 3.6cm, with the width of the bow section being approx 2.6cm. Gorgeous things offered at a very attractive price, as I have seen others like this being sold for much more.

Remnants of rubbed Russian marks on the loop above the egg. Don’t worry there are no clear marks- this design is an accepted Russian design, which I have come across before.

Please note the box is for display purposes only and the earrings will be securely boxed in another box for safe passage.