Superlative c1900 Arts and Crafts pendant hand-crafted in gold and silver with opal and green tourmaline


Rare and beautiful c1900 Arts and Crafts pendant with opal and green tourmaline, most likely a Guilds’ piece

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What a beautiful piece of antique hand-wrought Arts and Crafts jewellery from England, c1900. Possibly by one of the Guilds-perhaps the Artificers’ Guild, as it has so many details in line with their work. It is a joyful piece, not least because of the more unusual “precious” stones used in the design-the central oval green stone is either an emerald or a green tourmaline and has lots of interest within it  (both test roughly the same on a gem testing machine) and the bottom drop is a very lively opal. Fabulous to find such a piece with different gems to the pearl and turquoise usually found in these pieces.

Exquisitely designed and crafted, I adore the Catherine Wheel effect of the oak leaves around the central stone, as if in motion. A single silver berry or else a pair of berries are interspersed in the design. The unusual shield-shaped structure, is decorated with five, flattened gold rivets (very much like Artificers’ Guild pieces) and then there are those wonderful rope-work “handle” / “loop” details set around the outside, dotted with a silver ball on either side.

The link connecting to the delicate opal drop, is studded on both sides with a flattened silver rivet detail-again, as I have noted on other Artificers’ Guild pieces. The opal may be a petite size but goodness, is she fiery! Flashes of bright red, with deep green and blue-gorgeous. I love the long hook to the reverse, which means you can just hook this lovely onto an existing chain. I have demonstrated it with a sautoir, which is not included in the listing-just to give you an idea. It would look amazing with a thicker Arts and Crafts chain too, if you have one.

The pendant measures approx 5cm in height and approx 3.5cm wide. No marks (as you would expect) and in superb condition, with some patina. I shall send in a new gift box, as the boxes in the images are for display only. Complimentary tracked and signed post is included. Thank you.