Victorian c1880 beautiful 9ct gold and flat cut garnets drop earrings with original screw backs


Beautiful jammy red garnets, flat-cut and dramatic. Probably Victorian but could be Georgian!

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A gorgeous pair of beautiful flat cut garnets drop earrings, which are dated towards the back of the 1800s (Victorian), although they could be earlier, as I have seen similar earrings listed as Georgian. They are beautifully balanced in their design, with each having a flower drop. Each stone beautifully set in its own setting by hand- with the stunningly rich contrast of the yellow and the jammy reds of the garnets.

On the lobe, a cluster of three garnets, with the flowers suspended by links. The flowers each have a larger central stone, with a further 8 stones, representing petals on the flower. The word balance really does spring to mind with these earrings- in nature the number 12 is a key number and there are twelve stones on each earring…making 24 in total.

They are in pleasing condition with no chips so if you think you see a chip on the photos, it is merely the light catching some of the facets and not others. There is a little surface wear but minor, in keeping with their age…no cracks, flea bites or chips. Thank goodness, for they are spectacular things.

Each earring measures approx 2.6cm in height. They are marked “9ct” on the head of the screw backs. They will be sent in a new gift box as the box in the images is for display only. Thank you. Please note I cannot send to Germany now.