Zoltan White signed, early 1920s Arts and Crafts magnificent pink and green tourmalines bracelet


Fabulous pink and green tourmalines and studded with many other coloured gems-wonderful!

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Goodness, this has to be my favourite Zoltan White & co bracelet….I just cannot believe this bracelet has such huge tourmalines, both pink and green. It is also studded all over the design with many other gemstones. Floral, delicate and an amazing collection of gems, making a colourful and joyful bracelet.

Fully signed on the fastener with Z.W. & Co and STERLING as you would hope, this bracelet is just a dream of a piece. There are four large silver panels, each in turn, has either a large pink tourmaline or else a green tourmaline. The two inner panels have stones which are even larger than the two end ones.

On the panels housing a large pink stone, the four corner stones are green faceted peridots, set with a rope work detail at the base, in true Arts and Crafts fashion. There is also an arrangement of flowers and leaves.

The stones housing the large green stones, have jammy red, flat cut garnets in the four corner positions. In between each large silver panel is a smaller silver linking panel, each set with a central amethyst and flanked by a pair of dark green pastes…perfect complementary colours.
The pinks, reds and purples sparkle a lot when the bracelet is moved, as do the light, sparkly peridots. The bracelet is in good antique condition-having been lightly cleaned of dust and dirt and is ready to pop on your wrist. Beautiful!
It measures approx 20cm (8 inches) in length.